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All Political Party Women Association (APPWA) activities

The All Political Parties Women’s Association APPWA Aspirant Profile Forum was officially launched by the first lady Sia N. Koroma on Thursday 8th March 2012 at the British Council in Freetown.

These fora will be used in profiling all intending female aspirants who will in turn benefit from training programmes that are geared towards building their competence and empowering them to face the political challenge.

In Commemoration of the International Women’s Day, on Monday 5th March 2012, the PPRC attended a National conference on the Gender Equality Bill at the British Council organized by Action Aid Sierra Leone. The Commission also attended a workshop on Media engagement on Violent Free Elections on the 6th March 2012, organized by the Ministry of Social Welfare Gender and Children’s Affairs.

The Women’s Wing of the APC, SLPP, National Democratic Alliance (NDA) and PMDC has embarked on the drafting and dissemination of their Gender Policies in collaboration with the PPRC.

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