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News Briefs from the Regions

PPRC in collaboration with the International Foundations for Electoral Systems (IFES) inaugurates the District Code Monitoring Committee nationwide from the 27th February to the 7th March, 2012. The inauguration ceremony was geared towards publicizing the District code Monitoring committee to stakeholders in the electoral process and the public.

The PPRC in collaboration with IFES organized a one day DCMC (District Code Monitoring Committee) meeting for DCMC’s in all regions on the 24th January 2012. The Rationale is to evaluate the DCMC operations and strategize the way forward for the operations of the DCMC’s to examine existing  operational systems & processes and to strengthen the National and  District Code Monitoring Committee to own the process and work as a team  and  re-energize themselves for the 2012 elections;

An office space is now set for both the All Political Parties Youth Association (APPYA) and the All Political Parties Women Association (APPWA) in the Southern Region.

The Commission attends fort-nightly Political Party liaison committee meetings organized by the National Electoral Commission (NEC). Issues that are related to political party activities are discussed and it is also a forum wherein NEC charts the way forward on electoral matters with stakeholders.

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